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Live a Mexican Fiesta once a week at Dos Playas! of Hotel Dos Playas Faranda Cancún

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Live a Mexican Fiesta once a week at Dos Playas!

August 19 2019
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At Hotel Dos Playas, we have a special night to celebrate Mexico. We're proud of our culture, gastronomy, and traditions. Hence we have combined these elements in a Mexican Fiesta once every week.
Start the party with our delicious selection of Mexican food: Tacos al pastor, tamales (steamed masa filled with meat), chicken with mole (a rich dark sauce made from nuts, spices, and chocolate), Veracruz-style fish (served with capers, tomatoes, and bell peppers), and many other snacks await at our buffet. But leave room for dessert! Choose from fresh fruit, or classic pan dulce like conchas, Mexican bread pudding, or donuts; to traditional sweets such as buñuelos (a crisp fritter covered with sugar), fried plantains with sweetened condensed milk, or candied fruit.
Now it's time to enjoy our special show! Our entertainment team has prepared activities and games before taking a trip through Mexico with folk dances and music. Our talented artists will blow you away!
And, of course, an open bar will quench your thirst with your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Are you ready for this Fiesta? Book now at Hotel Dos Playas Cancun and enjoy this All-Inclusive experience with all your family!